Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone

Friday, October 30, 2015

So I have seen all these awesome Halloween make up tutorials on YouTube and I wanted to have my go at it. I love Halloween and I was always creeped out by that movie "It" with that damn clown that looks insane. Ironically I wanted to do a quick and cheap makeup look that almost anyone can do by just going to the local grocery store and buying some supplies. I ended up recording and posting it and so far people think its creepy so I think I did my job right! The downer was that i ended up scaring the life out of niece and nephew and I fell really bad about it. I know I'm a horrible person but hey its Halloween...

If you would like to watch this video please click on the video below. The items I used are in my description box below my video. I hope you have a safe Halloween!


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