2016: A New Year!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

 This past year has had some great things for me...but I can't say I'm not excited about 2016. Starting a new year always makes me feel a little optimistic. You know...like anything can happen! Starting this blog is a leap for me. I've always been very secluded and private. I sometimes feel alot older than what I really am. When I officially decided to start my blog (in my brain really), I never really thought I was ACTUALLY gonna do it. I read a couple of blogs and really liked the idea of doing something that was out of my nature. So 2015, made me pick up some courage and get started on it. I know i might just be sending this into a big void and more than likely no one is reading but its still courageous to me. So.....before i start to ramble on about my feelings (haha no I'm not going to ;P), I wanted to right down all my goals for this upcoming year. I hope to accomplish at least three from my list...so here goes.

1. Travel
I would like to take a road trip. I want to grab my purse and get in my car and go somewhere I have never seen. (of course...I would include clothes)

2. Music
I want to actually learn to play an instrument. My love for music is REAL and without music how do I expect to sing?! ugh...dilemmas!

3. Blogging
I want to blog at least once a week about anything I want and whatever I want no matter if anyone reads it or not.

4.Photos and Pictures
I want to get comfortable with holding a camera and being in front of one. Cause I'm only going to be this age once! I want to look back at all my life and not regret taking some pics!

5. Exercise
Oh gosh... This one is on my list every year! But...since I'm documenting that its a goal of mine than I know ill follow through this year! I want to eat well #healthy and exercise 3 days out of the week.

6. Cooking
I want to learn how to cook regular meals and bake from scratch (cause all i can cook right now is maccaroni and cheese and make box cakes). oh my!

Last but not least.......

 8. Love
I want to fill this year with as much love and affection to my family and friends that it runs into 2017!

So...lets see if this works! I hope that this year is bright and full of light for all those that are reading this (and for myself too)...As EFFIE would say "May the odd be forever in our favor!"...and let us not get put in a hunger game... cause who wants that? Okay, off topic now. What's one of your goals? I'd really like to know! 


Pssst: I took these pictures with my Canon T3i camera on the (M) setting which is manual and exposure of 30"(sec) and Aperture of F22.

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