Valentine's Fun!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Today is the day of love....since I have no significant other, I decided to spend the day with my awesome mom. Valentine's is day for love but I dont think we should stick with just lovers. I mean that's great if you have one.  Even then a sister, best friend, mom, or dad that you love diverse some Valentine's love. So I spent the day shopping with my mom. Who better to tell me if I look horrid in something....While I was out shopping I bought some helium balloons and decided to take a mini photo shoot at home...Just having some fun and reminding myself that Valentines day is a great moment to be alive and full of love from friends and family...

 Will tell you the wind did kick my ass and I nearly gave up but I did get a couple of shots!!! Luckily! 
I always take picture of others and not of me so I love that I am starting to step our of my shell and actually be in-front of the lens. 

Remember you don't have be in love to celebrate this special day! Celebrate any holiday with friends/family or just be in a good mood so that you look back and remember good things!


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