Wattpad Story: Our Haven

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I write and have for a bit and am starting to challenge myself by creating some stories and posting them on Wattpad. This story is a love story with a bunch of drama and is categorized as a Young Adult story. I wanted to post about it because the way a I will be releasing each chapter. Beginning on Sep. 22, I will post a Chapter every two days on my Wattpad account. (you can find a link here------->)

Hope you enjoy it as much as I love writing the story!
Below is the Synopsis (what its about).

-------------------------- ♥ ---------------------------

Brodie has always been the popular, wealthy, beautiful, athletic school idol of Crestview High. His mother and father are the best couple...or at least that's what he thinks before his father abandons his mother and him. Leaving only a note saying goodbye.

Kyla's grandmother is all she has. After her mother runs off, the only family she can lean on is her grandmother but her grandmother will not live forever. With no one else to help her, she must do everything for her grandmother and herself to survive. It means working hard after school and staying late to finish assignments during the day.

As Brodie's world begins to fall apart, so do most of his grades. So in the smallest room of the library, he meets the one person that can feel his pain and anger and maybe steal away his heart.

Chapter 1 is already posted! Go ahead and check it out!


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