Netflix Series I Love!

Friday, January 27, 2017

 Now I barely watch T.V. Its rare that I do. However, recently I have been watching some and some Netflix. I started watching some great series this week and wanted to tell you about them. The first and probably the one that I watched as soon as it was available was The Crown.

The Crown is about the young Queen Elizabeth II. It basically covers the beginning years of her reign and leaves you wanting so much more. The scores along with the cast make an amazing series! Plus! The costumes. Really!? I mean who doesn't like to be taken back to all that glamour of the 50's! It is a great series and I would recommend it to anyone.

Another Netflix series, my mom stumbled about another series featured in Netflix. This is a tragic love story and is a Turkish series (Dont worry it is subtitled in English, spanish etc). It runs about 43 episodes long and is called Kurt Seyit and Sura. This riveting story is about a Russian aristocrat woman and a  army Lieutenant. Apart from being of different religions and different cultures. The weight of the revolution is behind them throughout their love. It is lovely and will make you fall in love with it within the first three episode! I completely thought that it was going to bore me but I ended up loving it!!! This is another series to binge watch if you love some good drama, war and romance.

I love both of these series and have watched both of them probably about 2-3 times. Tell me if you end up liking them! Both series are based off real live people.

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