Organizing for 2017

Monday, January 02, 2017

This past year I have been a messy person and I think this new year has come at a great time to get my crap together and just make things happen! I mean I think I said the same thing for last year but ...I'm not even gonna go there with that! New year, new spirit, no going back! So, I set some things up that I thought would help me better keep track of things. I've learned that having little reminders and setting a routine for myself is probably the only thing that is going to make me do what needs to be done.

First, I had supplies I had to get. Yes...just an excuse to go shopping! (don't judge me...hehe!)

1. Massive or somewhat big planner
2. Cellphone (I didn't go and buy a new one...just putting it in here)
3. Small travel size planer
4. A google account. (can be any type of account)
5. Colorful pens (optional)

Now, I know what you might be thinking...what the heck do you need a travel planner and a desk planner for. Well...I am a visual person. If I see it often enough, I just start doing. For example, If my room (oh gosh I sound like my teenage self) is just too dirty. I get my butt up and I clean it. Visually, I just don't find it appealing to live in. I mean who would? Having these simple reminders in my bag or at my desk or on my gmail calendar helps me stay aware of what I need to get done.

Having both of these planners allows me to write out and essential make a mental note of what I need to do. I find that writing in colorful pens helps me remember what each thing is. I might be a little OCD but I pick colors to represent each individual thing. For example, my red pen stands for YouTube related things. Blue represents University things because that is my school color. Along with the colors being in each planner, I also mimic them in my virtual (electronic) calendar. I fill out the same colors using the task section in my google calendar and luckily since I use one email and it is linked to my devices I get updates directly to my phone! Now, that all this is done. I do take some procedures to actually mapping out my time.

I divide it by week and also pick a start day. My start day is Sunday. Sunday, is the first day on a calendar and it just works for me, visually. On Saturday afternoon, I fill in what I need to do for the week only going till Saturday and then I repeat the process again. However, I know some things need to be scheduled in advance so I do put them on the calendar whenever I have to (just don't overdue it). Keeping a pace is key for me to stay organized.

Talking (more like writing) about pace. I do limit myself to three things that need to be done on each day of my calendars. This doesn't include normal things like taking out the trash, laundry, etc. Only things that I know need full attention. Examples: writing a chapter, uploading a video, writing an assignment and such. I feel that the others are more based on routine that anything else and can be done sporadically or more routinely. However, if it something that you think does need to be placed on a calendar then place it there and be sure to put a reminder on your electronic calendar so you can get a notification.

Hopefully, some of these ideas help you out. Till next Tuesday!


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