The New Year!

Saturday, December 30, 2017


It really feels like yesterday was the start of 2017! How the year has flown! I am happy that this new year is coming. We leave a very hard and difficult year to persue something better. At least I hope its better!

With this new year I have only one resolution NO PROCRASTINATION! That's all I am really setting myself up for. I just want some good old energy to always do what I need to do. Apart from that there are some other minor things but I think they fall right on to the no procrastinations. Their more goals than resolutions.

As for saying goodbye to 2017, I think I already have. It is about one day until the new year and its perfect for starting over. I think this year will bring more oppourtunities to grow as a person as well as in my career.

One other thing I really want is to just be happier and smile at all the things I have. It is very easy to forget that I am very fortunate to have all the things I have and eventhough it comes with struggles I do have a great life that includes my family.

For all this "real talk" mushiness, I hope you have a great New Year's Eve! Make tonight count by letting go of all those things that hold you back and let new things to come!

Happy New Year!


May this new road we take
bring us joy and love. 
For nothng's at stake
while you sit in the alcove.

Hiding away
we'll wither instead
but follow the way
and you may be ahead!

*Poem by me

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