Athena: My Cat!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

My dear lovely cats name is Athena. I was never really keen on having animals inside my house. It's not at all because I hate animals. In fact I love them! But I was brought up in believing that animals need to be outside. Well... fortunately I have learned differently. Athena came into my life as a stray cat. A friend of mine heard her outside crying. She was roughly around 12 weeks when I got her. Immediately I got a appointment with my local vet and made sure to get her healthy as she did have a couple of things from being a stray cat.

Having Athena for these last few months has been a great experience. I'll say it! I was a bit of a procrastinator and a bit disorganized (is that a word?) before I got her. Lately, I've noticed that I have to limit my time and plan better. I know that every day that I come home from work she'll be expecting playtime and her schedule feeding. I know after playtime and while she's eating I have some litter cleaning to do.

She has made me a better me and even though I know that she'll eventually grow out of the playing and sit around and nap. I still know that she is going to expect the same things with me (feeding, cleaning, petting etc). Which in fact has made me organize my day so that I have more time with her while she's still a kitten.

With having a kitten (cat), my sleeping pattern has completely changed. I would love to say that my Athena sleeps all night and doesn't wake me until six a.m. but let me tell you that is so not the case. She knows to wake me at five o'clock (literally crying right now). Little brat without fail wakes me up this early and unfortunately I used to go to sleep around twelve before I got her. Yup...that's gone!
If I'm not it bed by at least 10 the night before I know I'll regret it.

Organizing and making sure she gets what she need is another priority that I've realized I cant neglect. She demands attention and petting but sometimes is content with just sitting in my lap or watching me do something. Food? oh yeah and Snacks? making sure I'm feeding her enough and that she's getting enough exercise so she doesn't turn too fluffy! All these things have made me realize I have to organize myself to make sure she's taken care of. She is my baby and as such I've learned that she is great responsibility and I she's made me a better me.

Any of you have this happen? Let me know in a comment below!


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