Visiting The Silos (Magnolia Market)

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Waco, Texas. It was a much-awaited trip that I wanted to take to Magnolia Market. Part of it, of course, is because of Fixer Upper. I mean it’s the last season with Chip and Jo and yes slowly I’m dying a little because the more we get through the season the closer we are to the finish line. For whatever reason, I loved traveling there. Because I do live in Texas, I had an easy way of getting there. Roughly two-hour distance; but let me tell you it was packed! 

When we arrived to Waco, it took some adjusting but we finally located to two monstrosities of the Silos. They are rustic and tall. I would recommend going during the week as it is not as busy as the weekend. The first view you get is of the general building of the Silos and of course the bakery.
The bakery is a little corner lot that allows you to get some cupcakes and cookies. I swear if they had a restaurant I’d be the first to line up. The line for the bakery was long but was moving quickly. You would expect to wait a long while to actually get your baked goods but midway through the line. Ladies from the bakery hand you a slip that allows you to pick your designated goods while waiting which makes the process a lot more bearable.

Now, let's talk about the taste! Although, I didn’t get every flavor; there were a good variety of flavors and picked everything that wasn’t chocolate! Yes, I know. Don’t hate me. I am not and probably never will be a chocolate fanatic. Her cookies were nice and moist and weren’t to overpowering. Now, the cupcakes, on the other hand, were a bit more delicious.  The fluffy flavor and icing is just to die for. I have a sweet tooth and I won't lie when I have something that’s hard and tastes like you purchased the icing from a store. This was lighter and sweet but not an a too sweet that you have to down a whole glass of milk or water to get it out of your mouth…eh. Overall it was delicious for a good 2 to 3 dollars.

Moving on to the market! One of the things I love about the idea of Magnolia is getting together. Joanna let her creative side come out and I applaud her for that. Most of the things in Magnolia are genuine to the feel and style she has created through Fixer Upper. However, the price tag on some of the things she had are a little on the extreme side. A shirt with the words #demoday range in the $20-$30 range. I do believe it is a bit overpriced. She does have a sale section and some promotions on things but they barely reduce the amount. Yes, I also know that having your brand on specific merchandise also raises the price of the said product: it still seemed a little excessive. Being a Texan and all I know that she could value some things a little different. Apart from the price, the whole market is actually really well planned and the products are well made (or at least the ones I saw during thanksgiving week. It was packed!)

The courtyard is great! Now, I'm not married but having your husband go outside to the courtyard so your kiddos don’t destroy the whole store is great! The other great part is the cute little food trucks stationed around the courtyard and the picnic tables. The selection varies from popcorn to ice pops to nachos and more. All these trucks are from other business and they don’t disappoint with the taste either!

The last stop we made was the Magnolia Seed & Supply! A small garden allows you to buy some succubus and candles along with some books. It's small but quaint!

The last bit from the Magnolia Market was the trolley! Yes, a trolley! It is probably the best idea that could have been made. When you go aboard the trolley you circle about the square In which magnolia market sit along. Along with the market, there are many fun restaurants as well as other thrift shops, antique stores, boutiques, and even the Dr. Pepper Museum.

Overall, I really enjoyed the day out seeing the transformation of Waco, Texas. Lots of Love!


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