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Monday, April 09, 2018

Well, hello!

It's been a while since I posted something on this blog. Sadly, the one thing that I very passionate about is writing and blogging is probably something that gives me the most satisfaction because I share a lot with you, and I've neglected it! So... this is my thought process on the future of this blog

Last week, while I was wallowing in my cramps (yes...I'm talking about that time of the month :( ) I thought of the purpose of this blog. At first, when I began to actually use my blog. I was very caught up in the mechanics of it all and how it would look and such. Then, I started to blog but felt a little overwhelmed because I really had no idea what I could post up. Which seems silly, I know. Since I am titled as a lifestyle blogger and that has a pretty direct definition. Still...I felt like a foreigner on my own blog. So I made a list of all things I'd like to share with you, my readers, and what forum I would use.

 First, my art. I am not and far from a professional artist but I have always had that itch to draw and make something with pencil, paint, scraps etc! You name it I probably want to do it! This I feel I can accomplish with my YouTube channel and my art Insta page. So art really has nothing do in this domain.

Second, my music. I have and will forever have one love and that is music. When I was six I wanted to be a singer and that dream, though slightly diminished, is still very present in my life. I have always loved to sing and I have uploaded some covers and done some of my own writing for my music. Most of those I will direct to my YouTube channel as well so that really has nothing to do with this domain either.

Third, in the last year, I have learned much about myself. You know how there is that saying that says the older you are the wiser you are. I always thought that was baloney and that not everyone gets wiser and not all at the same time. I mean some do, don't get me wrong but not everyone especially at the age of adulthood (AKA 20ish). I not saying that I'm dumb either just that there was a part of me thought too much of what others thought of what I did and would overly judge me. Now, a few years older, I've realized how much time I have lost by worrying. Now I know that I am not going to please everyone and not everyone is going to like me. Not all people will be interested in what I do so I really just need to be myself and do what I want (of course while still being appropriate, not that I wouldn't be). So I became a little bit wiser!!! I think as a woman we all evolve at our own pace and that's perfectly alright! However, if someone asked me if I ever wanted to turn back the clock and change something or tell myself something it would be back to that dark time about five years ago. But anyway, that's for another day. Back to the blog! So with my wiser self, I've decided to upload more on this blog. Here's a list of themes I'm gonna follow (cause I like my list :D):

1. Favorites: In cosmetics, clothes, shoes, and books (etc)
2. Travel adventures
3. DIY's
4. Random Thoughts/Life Situations
5. Journeys (as in learning something new)
6. Food

So far, those are the main things that I will upload about. Some of these I had already started doing. So most of the new ones should be 4 and 5 which seem like the most personal. Along with this blog, I am going to link my Secondary YouTube Channel so if I ever get the nerve to upload a vlog then I will! I think most vlogs would go well with journeys and travel adventures!

Okay...I've ranted enough. Time to go take some pics of things and post this baby!

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