Things to do to while Staying Home

Hey! So you're staying home. I know it sucks but we've been given some time and the best thing to do is be productive (but not too much)! I'm no expert, but I wanted to elaborate on some of the things that have kept me distracted while Ms.Rona has left us with limitations about going outside! So let's start!

Okay let's face it, we are women and we deserve some me-time or some pampering. This list consists of feminine me-time and pampering but there are some hands-on activities included.

1. Put away the chores list- yeah okay, that was hard for me to type but it's true! If you're working from home or still going to the office or are an essential worker, stay-at-home-mom/dad you're still getting stress. Why add way more to your plate. You'll get to it later not at the moment but later. When we think of all the things we need to do(chores), we tend to stress. Grab that list and go put it on the fridge as a reminder but let it go for now!

2. Mani/Pedi at Home- If you like having your nails done and would like to book an appointment then you can. Just be safe. Personally, I don't want to take the risk. So here are a few things that you can get to get your Mani/Pedi at home experience!
  • Foot Soaker - there are literally some that are just a basin (which I do not own but am about to order) and some that are bubbled sophistication with many other components. The more high tech the fancier and more expensive they are. I love to just soak my feet in hot/warm water as this allows all that stress and pressure out of them plus it softens everything for callus removing etc. (hey, don't have the budget for this? I used to use a bucket. Yes, a bucket.)
  • Callus Remover- I use one from Sally's but its also available on Amazon. Prolinc Callus Remover. This one works well for me but be sure to read the instructions as this is a chemical!
  • Foot File and Pumice Rock- You want to buff away all that Callus? Your gonna need one or the other. I prefer the foot file but also don't mind the Pumice rock.
  • Cuticle Remover and Cuticle Pusher (Wood or Metal)- cuticle remover is just that. it dissolves the cuticle after you let it sit for about 1-3 minutes. It works wonders and cuticle pushers can be found anywhere. normally when I buy files it comes with them (wooden). However, there are rubber/ metal ones that work great!
  • Feet Moisturizer- Any work, but be careful and buy something that will not already strip you or further soften your calluses. They need some moisture, after all, we've put them through alot.
  • Nail File and Nail Polish- Look I'm not fancy but I am going to recommend glass nail files. Why? the work faster and better than the traditional kinds. However, if you don't have the budget to splurge than the traditional nail file works too! With nail polish, have fun! Dive into something you haven't tried and please don't think red is for harlots because it isn't!
3. Be Creative- I know many people are like me and love to hoard art supplies but if you don't a pencil and paper will do. Look up something that you might want to draw. This will keep you occupied for a good while. Even if you don't have any experience in drawing, you'll fill in your time doing something productive. I dabbled into youtube to get some watercolor help because out of all the mediums in the art world it still keeps kicking my butt. Here's what I came up with! Not too bad!

4. Picnic- This one is limited to people that have space to actually go and do this. If you live in the city and have a big enough terrace, you can if you want or hey create a picnic in your living room! Who cares?! (Well, I say that but be sure to get parental consent if your living in your parent's house lol) Grab a friend, AKA zoom, skype, duo, and have a picnic while eating with them. I know it's not the same but at least you're sharing something together! For moms/dads, make this into a little adventure with your kids. Have them make one food choice or assign them one task. Keeps them busy too! 

5. Reading time- I love good books so if you're not a reader be sure to just browse a good book. You'll never know what's inside it if you don't open them. I love fiction! There are many genres within fictions and I have many favs but I do get bored with repetitiveness. when looking for a book, be sure to read the synopsis as this tells you about the book before you purchase or start reading it. If the synopsis catches your attention, give it a chance! (Psst. Did you know that Amazon Kindle Unlimited gives you a free trial to start reading books?)

6. Gardening- yes, gardening. I don't care if you live in the city or in the suburbs. grab a pot or anything that has drainage, soil, and some seeds and start planting! Who doesn't like a little more plant given oxygen! Also, try to grow something you've never grown. I have the space to plant a lot since I have a yard so I normally try to just keep my bought plants alive but growing a plant is excellent!

Last one...I haven't forgotten about the Chores List!

7. One thing off your list- I mean it! One thing. Gonna mow your 2 acres of land. Go ahead but think about the amount of time this takes. Going to wash your car? Blast some music in your yard and do it. You can do the things on your to-do list but the point is not to let it be the only thing you do all day. I'd love to have all the power like Wonder Woman but I am a mere mortal and no amazonian thing at a time will have to do. 

One last thing before I go...

Social Media- yes, you've heard this before. Limit the amount of social media in your day. Why? Test it out! Spend all day on social media while your working or staying productive. With the amount of negativity spewing from all sorts of people and the news, it'll take its toll on you. I say this because I tried it out not too long ago. All-day I felt annoyed, depressed, sad, hurt, angry. At night, I couldn't sleep because I kept replaying all I had seen all day. I'm not saying don't look at social media, I'm saying limit the amount on it. You want to be aware of everything and think you have the mental capacity then go ahead but for me setting a time limit helps. I have an iPhone and at the end of the day, it tells me the amount of time I spend on social media. I try to keep this between 1-2 hours a day but not consecutively. I get on SM in the morning, a few minutes, and I repeat this throughout the day. Once in my lunch break, after work and before I start getting ready for bed (notice I did not say before going to bed; if you get riled up then you won't sleep). 

Again, I'm no expert. These are just the things that have kept me going. I hope they inspire you to do the same! Wellness is something we all need right now and I hope that at least one of these will get you some peace of mind. 


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