August 2020 Tech Backgrounds/Wallpapers

August is here and we still have to be strong and keep moving and grooving. Below are my Tech Backgrounds/ Wallpapers for some devices! Enjoy!

I started using TheEveryGirl Tech Backgrounds last year and love them! I still use them all the time. However, sometimes I found myself making my own. Instead of keeping them to myself, I decided to post them here. Most of the time, I do this in my spare time since sadly were all either working from home or when we get home from work I want to feel productive. Making these gets my creativity flowing. However, I don't want to think that I am stealing TheEveryGirls thunder. Just giving you another option. :) Be sure to head over to TheEveryGirl Website as she posts about everything and has a big selection of Tech Backgrounds if this one is not right for you!



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