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Sunday, January 01, 2017


Hello! My name is Stacia. I am a crazy shopaholic, lover of's music, singing, makeup, drawing, and DIYs...This is my little piece of paradise where I hope you'll keep wanting to return. 

 I live in a very small town in Texas. One Cat. I started this blog to get me away from the regularity of my life and become a little spontaneous and different. Due to not ever leaving this said small town, I never really jump to fun spontaneous adventures. I feel that if I write down all these new risky adventures someone might like to read them and push past their own fears and do the same.

Also, I have always loved the arts. Not just one but all. I believe there is no better way of doing something than with your own being. This is why I love to draw and sing and dance (badly, but it counts). I believe that with even the smallest amount of resources we should create. This is why I want to Inspire to Create in this domain.


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